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Why use facial tissues at work?

In an office environment, where so many people work in close proximity to each other, facial tissues are a highly effective hygiene product, as they are able to stop germs from being passed around easily.

The specific qualities of facial tissues makes them such a versatile and useful item to have in the workplace, as they combine durability with softness and comfort. Having a box of quality tissues in shared spaces such as breakout areas can also make a workplace feel more inviting and welcoming too.

Galleon supplies carries a wide range of facial tissues and face wipes that are suitable for workplaces and at home as well. Whether you require a facial tissues bulk order or a smaller case, we have plenty of options to choose from.

Thanks to their durability, softness and convenience, facial tissues are a useful product to have around the office, offering a range of uses and a homely touch within the workplace.

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