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Cleanex India Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming brand, manufacturing premium quality tissue paper products and other institutional commodities including cling film and aluminum rolls. 

Our tissue paper variants are engineered with the most modern technology to provide strength, softness and absorbency while simultaneously being ultra-lightweight. The product's strength comprises of both pure, fresh and recycled fiber merchandise catering to our quality conscious B2B & B2C clients who appreciate a touch of luxury at a cost-effective range.

The range is extensive with elaborate variants in toilet paper rolls, paper towels, facial tissues, and paper napkins based on specifics of consumption. These are ultra-hygiene sensitized products designed for HORECA, Hospitality, and Household consumption designed for every space where hygiene & comfort is a priority.

What sets us apart is our innovative cutting-edge technology which sets a high standard in meeting the demand generated by ever-changing demographics of on-the-go millennials and today's families.

All manufacturing is handled with the utmost care and deepest respect for the environment, ensuring that the production, packaging, and end-use is safe and reliable.


We are more than just a brand. 

Being a new entrant in the industry, we bring with us a fresh outlook and thorough research with a clear understanding of what drives this market. We have the foresight to find ways to make day to day lives better. 
From categories to conversations, we are constantly reinventing and discovering new ways to make lives safe and hygienic, to cater to the ever-changing needs of the people from all walks of life. 
We’re dedicated to making people's lives safe and comfortable and give them an experience like never before not as a one-off experience but an ongoing process.


Cleanex adheres to a set of insightful values established by the founders – quality, service, and honesty. These are the parameters by which we measure our leadership and employees. Ours is a unit that produces premium health and safe hygiene products used by people from all walks of life and cultures around the country.





Sherry Anne Sudan

Founder & Managing Director

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From being a school teacher going on to opening an event management company, moving on to become a country head for Lakeforest Wines and launching her own restaurant alongside, and currently running her partnership venture, Sherry Anne Sudan has travelled a long and diverse professional journey. Her story of ambition and true zeal to follow the heart is superbly inspiring to say the least. 
She has been exposed to the hospitality industry in many aspects and that has given her valuable insight into the product baseline and what drives the market. 
Always a stickler for quality and perfection, she is well researched on the area to focus on and the relevant market to tap and the product to deliver.

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Vikram Rao

Founder & CEO

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Vikram Rao started his journey in the F&B industry

in the year 2017. 
Further to which he established his own brand of dairy products and put his company on the map boasting a brand befitting one of the topmost in the industry. 
His proximity with top brands in the hospitality industry provided the know on the need and relevance of sustainable quality products. 
Being a visionary, he was quick to gauge the importance of an honest quality brand for the discerning customer. 
The need to diversify and explore more horizons birthed Cleanex to meet the end to end requirement of paper essentials in all verticals related HORECA and Hospitality Industry.


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