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Tissue Paper is the Smart Choice

Why? Millions of people choose paper every day, everywhere. At home, on-the-go, out for lunch, at the office, on the bus. Paper is the go-to choice in a host of situations.

Hygiene is one of the most essential factors in the development of modern society. It’s also a key measure in preventing the transmission of viruses such as gastrointestinal and cold/flu infections. The daily use of tissue paper plays an important role in the control of infection and the promotion of good hand hygiene within the general population. Lower hygiene risks are widely accepted as contributing to better health.

The World Health Organization’s opinion on the situation is: “Ideally, hands should be dried using either individual paper towels or hand driers which can dry hands effectively and as quickly as it can be done with paper towels and have been proven not to be associated with the aerosolization of pathogens.”

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