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When Was Toilet Paper Invented?

Over the centuries, toilet paper has evolved. As a result, the invention of toilet paper was more of an ongoing process than a set date, and its origins are drastically different than our 21st-century soft and fluffy rolls of goodness. The process began in China and ended with the many sustainable toilet paper alternatives we know and love today.

According to National Geographic, the first recognizable form of toilet paper was created for the Chinese imperial family in 1393. The imperial toilet tissue was rice-based and presented as a stack of individual, perfumed sheets. What Is Toilet Paper Made Of?

Toilet paper may be a household staple, but how many of us have actually questioned what our go-to brand is made of? Knowing exactly what is in the item we use on our most sensitive areas empowers us to make active, informed decisions, as opposed to simply grabbing whatever brand is on sale.

Traditional toilet paper – as with most paper products – comes from trees. In fact, a company called Northern Tissue announced the first-ever guaranteed splinter-free toilet paper in 1930!

Luckily, modern toilet paper is proudly splinter-free and generally made from one of two materials: virgin or recycled pulp.

Virgin pulp comes directly from a tree specifically to make toilet paper. Recycled pulp, on the other hand, comes from existing paper products; in fact, recycled pulp can potentially have been used many times prior to becoming toilet paper.

What may surprise you though, is to learn that despite the name, you can’t actually recycle recycled toilet paper. Luckily, there are other toilet paper options out there. One of the best things you can do for both your behind and the environment is to make the switch to bamboo toilet paper!

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